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Your pets will love the feel of a new lawn, and you'll love the super low maintenance.

Artificial grass is a great solution for tired or worn out lawns that have been worn thin by excitable pets. These are our more hard wearing grasses, but are equally as realistic, and easy to keep clean and looking fresh, whatever your pets decide to leave behind.


Artificial grass for Dogs

Pets can quickly turn a living lawn into a quagmire by digging, scratching and making other messes. Fortunately, pets love artificial grass, so if you’re struggling to keep your lawn looking lush, consider switching to synthetic grass. We can help you choose the best artificial grass for dogs, cats, chickens or other pets from our selection of durable artificial turfs. Artificial grass is ideal for small spaces and can be used for almost any pets that don’t eat grass. It’s ideal for creating pleasant, outdoor spaces for animals, particularly in small or awkward places that are hard to mow or get little sunlight.

Advantages of fake grass for dogs and other pets

    • Always soft – never dried out and no spiky weeds
    • As pleasant to sleep or play on as carpet
    • No muddy spots
    • Comfortable and pleasant year round
    • Gets warm in the sun but not hot


Advantages for pet owners

        • Lawn always looks great
        • No mowing
        • No watering
        • No weeding, scarifying or reseeding
        • Pets can’t dig holes
        • Liquids pass straight through
        • Easy to collect solid waste
        • Can wash away waste without creating mud
        • No need for chemicals such as weed killer


Artificial grass for dogs

Dogs can be particularly hard on living grass. As they romp, roll, play and dig, the grass can get worn away. Synthetic grass for dogs is designed to be durable yet soft enough to play and sleep on. Dogs love artificial grass as it is soft and pleasant year round. While living grass goes rough and dies back in the winter, often leaving muddy bare patches, and dries out in hot weather, artificial grass looks and feels great in every season.

Dealing with pet waste

It’s not a pleasant subject, but every pet owner has to deal with waste somehow. We often get questions about how to deal with urine and faeces on artificial turf. For dogs, the process is exactly the same as on a living lawn: pick up faeces and let urine be washed away by the rain. Likewise, for other animals collect any solid waste and let urine wash away. Cats that bury their waste tend not to dig in lawns, preferring the less compacted soil in flower beds. If your cat (or a neighbour’s) is digging up your grass, switching to synthetic grass will prevent this.

No puddles to worry about

Our artificial grass is porous, which means that rain and other liquids will soak through into the ground just as they do on a living lawn. During dry weather or if you’re worried about children playing on the grass, you can run the hose over your artificial grass to clean it. The water will soak away. Of course, this only applies if the grass has been laid correctly and over a porous surface. If you lay artificial grass directly on a solid surface, such as concrete, plastic or tarmac then the water will drain through the grass and collect underneath. We recommend using a professional artificial grass installer as they will consider drainage and other factors.