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Whether you're putting or driving there's a grass to keep you out of the rough.

Our golf range puts you in the driving seat, with an affordable grass that lets you create a realistic putting surface in your own garden, what more could you want. Equally as good for teeing off, you’ll be able to practise all year round to get your form on par on your next round.


Artificial Putting Green Grass

A smooth, level surface with short, velvety grass is ideal for a putting green. Creating and maintaining a living grass putting green is difficult and expensive as the grass needs constant care and attention. Using specially designed artificial putting green grass makes creating space to practise putts and drives easy.

What’s special about artificial putting green grass

  • Mimics professional golf course grass
  • Provides a smooth ball roll
  • Very little maintenance

No watering, no mowing, no weeding, no scarifying, no reseeding

  • Stays flat and level
  • Can be used all year round
  • Grass stays the perfect length in every season
  • Animals can’t dig it up
  • Easy to remove leaves or other debris

Home putting greens

Artificial grass putting greens require very little care, so they’re the ideal choice for home practice. Too many keen golfers find that they spend longer caring for their living grass lawn – mowing, flattening, weeding, watering, scarifying… – than they do playing golf. By installing an artificial grass putting green, you can cut the maintenance down to a minimal level, and spend your time playing golf instead.

Small artificial grass putting greens

Authentic Lawn putting green grass can easily be cut and shaped, so you can site your putting green wherever you like: put it by the terrace, for easy access, or tuck it away out of sight as you prefer. Artificial grass putting greens can be small or oddly-shaped so they’re ideal for making the most of spaces that are difficult to mow or unsuitable for plants. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be placed on earth, so you can even reclaim part of your driveway or terrace for golf practise.

Synthetic golf greens for clubs and businesses

Artificial grass putting greens are a great choice for golf clubs and other businesses that want to provide year-round off-course putting practise. As synthetic golf greens can be compact, it’s possible to have multiple putting holes close together to increase the practice options. As artificial turf is low maintenance, it’s the ideal choice for creating an executive relaxation area or as an affordable and attractive addition to a gym or leisure centre. Instead of wasting time and energy maintaining a lawn, install artificial putting green grass and you’ll not only have smooth, beautiful grass but also a great place to putt.

Artificial putting green installation

We strongly recommend using a professional service to install your artificial putting green turf. Although it is possible to install artificial grass yourself, the best results will be achieved by experts. It’s important that a putting green remains smooth and level throughout its use. This means that the ground under the grass needs to be levelled, which may require shifting soil, and that drainage and other issues are considered. If artificial grass is laid without considering the lie of the land, natural water and earth movements can create lumps and bumps in the turf.