Authentic Lawns range of artificial grass offers some truly beautiful alternatives to your traditional natural grass with many benefits over the real thing. One of the main reasons people in the UK choose artificial grass over the natural alternative is the reduced maintenance and its associated costs, saving both your spare time and wallet. Although artificial grass is almost maintenance free there are a few points of care that you must take into consideration, if you want to keep your new lawn in perfect condition.

General Cleaning

If over the autumn and winter months if there is a build-up of leaves, deadfall and plant matter on the surface of your lawn it's advisable to remove this material with a stiff brush. Keeping on top of this will stop any material working its way into the grass structure and helps reduce the possibility of weed growth. The other benefit to keeping your lawn debris free is that it will help to maintain the excellent drainage properties of the artificial grass.

Stain Removal

The best way to remove staining on your artificial grass is to simply use warm water and washing up liquid and work this into the stained area with a stiff brush. If the stain persists we would recommend the use of an artificial grass cleaning product that can be worked into the surface in the same way as before. Always do a very small test area first in a discrete area of your lawn just in case any discolouration is experienced.

What Dogs Do

Artificial grass has some huge benefits over real grass when it comes to keeping animals, the grass will not die back leaving dead patches, or discolour leaving an unsightly looking surface. Always try to clear up anything your dog has left behind as soon as possible, this will stop any material working its way into the structure of the grass. All our artificial grasses are permeable so rain will help with the clean-up job, but It is a good idea to use an artificial grass cleaner in these areas to help keep things fresh and clean.


It's always a good idea to give your artificial grass a good brush from time to time, using a soft bristled brush, especially if it looks a little less perky than normal. This will lift up the pile bring everything back to life and helping to improve the beauty of your lawn. During summer months you might find it necessary to do this more regularly than in the Autumn and Winter due to the increase in foot traffic.

What Not To Do

Always keep naked flames away from artificial grass, so no BBQ's, fireworks, bonfires, cigarette ends etc, as they can irreversibly damage your artificial grass and also void your warranty. Always try not to place any sharp objects on your lawn such as metal garden furniture as this can damage the pile and latex backing of the artificial grass.