• Can I fit Authentic Lawns artificial grass myself?
    Yes, you can fit Authentic Lawns grass yourself, installation guidance is provided on all product pages. We would always recommend that you hire a professional landscape contractor to undertake the work unless you are a very competent DIY'er.
  • Is artificial grass maintenance free?
    Generally yes, but you will be required to do some light maintenance as specified in our maintenance section.
  • Does artificial grass flatten?
    Yes, it is possible for your artificial grass to flatten, especially with the longer pile heights. You will need to brush the grass against the pile direction occasionally, in order to keep your grass standing upright. This is aided by brushing sand over the grass upon installation.
  • How long will it take to lay my lawn
    Generally between 30-40m2 of turf can be laid in one day by a small team or professional installers, so if you are attempting this yourself allow an extra day or so.
  • Why are our prices so reasonable?
    We are a direct supplier of high quality artificial grass. We cut out the middle man and can offer great quality products at an affordable price.
  • What happens to the water?
    All Authentic Lawns grasses are perforated so the water simply seeps through and runs off into the water course as it would with real turf.